DevSecOps and cloud defense

DevSecOps and cloud defense

Helping you to “Shift Left” implementing security across all levels of development.

What Is DevSecOps?

In the traditional development model before DevOps, developers and IT teams were kept apart, with the personnel who deployed the code having little interaction with those who created it. These teams often had different objectives and saw little reason to collaborate. 

When DevOps emerged, automation and collaboration allowed teams to integrate their efforts around a common objective. Automated testing and continuous integration enabled faster development and deployment while reducing human error. DevOps is a cultural approach where project teams include everyone involved in the process, from developers and QA team to the project manager. 

While the DevOps model increased development velocity while improving quality, there remained a risk that the continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline introduces security vulnerabilities into the market. 

DevSecOps, a variation on the DevSecOps organizational pattern, seeks to address this risk by integrating security into the entire DevOps process. Security has often been treated as an afterthought or an inconvenience that slows down progress. While security should be a priority, it tends to get pushed aside to be addressed later. 

DevSecOps aims to shift the attitude of the project team by raising security awareness across all levels and implementing security measures from the start, within the build pipeline. This requires the careful cultivation of a security mindset in every employee to ensure that security features are always taken into consideration.

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