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The word “Invictus” comes from Latin, and means “unconquerable”, or “undefeated”. We aim for your company to be the same: Invincible! For good measure, security, and redundancy, we added the second “S”, and so – WE ARE INVICTUSS!
We are a company of experts, with a cumulative expertise of dozens of years, in all kinds of organizations: starting from a one-man-show startup, continuing with SMBs of various industries, and also including large enterprises. We’ve seen it all. This is exactly why this bird’s eye unique perspective of ours, is exactly the swiss army knife your organization was waiting for. Contact us today and learn about our diverse and comprehensive offering!

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What We Offer

DevSecOps and cloud defense

We will help you to “Shift Left” and implement security across all levels of development.

SSDLC + Security awareness

We will secure your entire software development pipeline, starting from the first line of code, to the last deployment in Production.

CI/CD architecture and optimization

We will show you how you can have a robust pipeline, and also have it be as efficient and secure as possible.

Visibility enhancement (cloud and on-prem)

We will demonstrate how you can both have multiple software vendors and open-source code plugins and snippets, and also be sure your environment is secure.

On-prem hardening and architecture

Our architectural design will provide a comprehensive defense strategy across the board: IT, IOT and OT, and allow you to shorten your TTM (Time to Market).

CISO as a service

We provide information security leadership, security guidance to senior management and lead the organization’s information security program, thus reducing your managerial overhead.

Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT)

We will show you how to avoid deploying “swiss-cheese” apps, by hermetically sealing your applications, and continuously check for new vulnerabilities.

Compliance, regulation, and GRC

We will assist you in lining-up your environment to either regulation standard you may require, so that you can be sure you are always compliant.

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