Visibility enhancement
(cloud and on-prem)

Visibility enhancement (cloud and on-prem), and SCA (Software Composition Analysis)

Open source code is everywhere, and it needs to be managed to mitigate security risks. 

Developers are tasked with creating engaging and reliable applications faster than ever. To achieve this, they rely heavily on open source code to quickly add functionality to their proprietary software. With open source code making up an estimated 60-80% of proprietary applications’ code bases, managing it has become critical to reducing an organization’s security risk. 

Software Composition Analysis tools help manage open source use.

What Is Software Composition Analysis?

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is a segment of the application security testing (AST) tool market that deals with managing open source component use. SCA tools perform automated scans of an application’s code base, including related artifacts such as containers and registries, to identify all open source components, their license compliance data, and any security vulnerabilities. In addition to providing visibility into open source use, some SCA tools also help fix open source vulnerabilities through prioritization and auto remediation.

Why SCA Should Be Part of Your Application Security Portfolio

Open source components have become the main building block in software applications across all verticals. Yet despite the heavy reliance on open source, too many organizations are lax about ensuring that their open source components meet basic security standards and are compliant with licensing requirements.

Securing your application in today’s complex digital world is a challenge. With the right Software Composition Analysis solution, you’re one step closer to mitigating your open source risk.

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