SSDLC + Security awareness

What is a Secure SDLC?

The software development life cycle (SDLC) framework maps the entire development process. It includes all stages—planning, design, build, release, maintenance, and updates, as well as the replacement and retirement of the application when the need arises.

The secure SDLC (SSDLC) builds on this process by incorporating security in all stages of the lifecycle. Teams often implement an SSDLC when transitioning to DevSecOps. The process involves applying security best practices alongside functional aspects of development, and securing the development environment.

The Importance of a Secure SDLC

It is a common belief that security requirements and testing inhibit the development process. However, a secure SDLC provides an effective method for breaking down security into stages during the development process. It unites stakeholders from development and security teams with a shared investment in the project, which helps to ensure that the software application is protected without being delayed. 

Developers may start by learning about the best secure coding frameworks and practices. They should also look into using automated tools to identify security risks within the code they write and to detect security vulnerabilities in the open source libraries they bring into their projects.

In addition, the management team may use a secure SDLC as a vehicle to implement a strategic methodology to create a secure product. For example, managers can perform a gap analysis to gain insight into which security activities or policies currently exist, which are absent, and to see how effective they are at each stage of the SDLC.

To achieve a streamlined SSDLC and ensure software shipping deadlines are not missed, it is necessary to establish and enforce security policies that help address high-level issues like compliance without requiring manual review or manual intervention. To achieve this, some organizations choose to hire security experts to evaluate security requirements and to create a plan that will help the organization improve its security preparedness.

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